As a chalk artist, you’re part of a tradition that dates back to the Renaissance, when street artists and festivals were an important part of community life.

Of course, it’s not just about the art. You’re also supporting Utah Foster Care’s goal to raise donations for programs that help make life “normal” for children and teens in foster care — and raising awareness for the very real, very pressing need for folks to become foster parents.

Quick Links for Artists

Becoming a Chalk Art Festival artist is pretty straight forward:

  • First, register — the sooner the better, as there are a limited number of slots available.
  • Want to get a jumpstart on next year? Sign-up for our early notification list!
  • Next, download and read our Tips & Hints for Artists flier — it’s jam-packed with years of wisdom!
  • Also, download and read our pamphlet on Judging Criteria, which discusses how artwork is judged.
  • Then join us at the Gateway, in Salt Lake City for two amazing days!

A photo portrait of chalk artist Julie Kirk Purcell.

Meet the Artist: Julie Kirk Purcell

Julie Kirk Purcell is a street painter specializing in creative and original 3D work for various clients around the world.

Julie began her street painting career at a small, local festival in southern California. What began as a “bit of fun” has developed into a full time passion involving hundreds of paintings in places as exotic as Hong Kong, Thailand, the Middle East and Europe, as well as numerous corporate clients at home in the United States. Companies such as Disney, Universal Studios, the Howard Hughes Corporation , Bloomburg LLP and the Chrysler Corporation have asked her to create her one of a kind 3D paintings.

In 2009 she was invited to author a book about street painting technique, and a year later “Sidewalk Canvas” was published and available to new artists in the quickly growing medium. Shortly after she helped found a company dedicated to 3D street painting.

In 2013, Julie left the company in search of less commercial work. It was a year that saw many changes, all positive. A huge commission to produce an international cadre of artists for the Disney Company’s “Limited Time Magic” promotion put her in charge of 54 artists on two coasts – all of which went smoothly and resulted in some tremendous art, including the combined floor and wall 3D painting that she created at the same event. The event left her with a renewed purpose to push her limits as an artist and to continue her own personal growth in the medium that she has helped spread around the world with her commissions, lectures and workshops.

Important Dates

Friday, June 17

Artist Check-in: 3pm
Festival Hours: 4–9pm

Saturday, June 18

Festival Hours: 10am–9pm
Foster Dad of the Year: Noon @ Main Stage
Artwork Judging Begins: 4pm
Artist Awards: 6pm @ Main Stage

Sunday, June 21

Murals remain in place all day, for Fathers Day viewing.

* * *

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